This includes aluminium perpetual shields/plates, glass, silverware, pewterware either by computer or hand engraving.

Scratch Engraving
A diamond-tipped engraver is dragged across metal surfaces to achieve a professional and classic look. Perfect for plaques, labels and perpetual shields. We can also engrave pet license tags.
NOTE: We do not engrave jewellery




Laser Engraving and Cutting
A highly flexible medium, words and pictures are able to be burnt into specially-made plastics, which can also be cut into custom shapes and designs and affixed to various items. We can also engrave plaques for outdoor use.
Other materials such as wood, brick, acrylic, glass and more can also be engraved onto, with beautiful results!
NOTE: We do not engrave jewellery



A phone call to any of our experienced staff is advisable to ensure the area and material you wish to apply your message is suitable for this application.


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