This process is nothing short of fantastic, and being pioneers in this field, we have the best technology and machinery available. With it we are able to apply digital photo quality images, text, company logos even drawings (if it can be scanned, we can copy it) in full colour to a range of specially treated materials such as:

Coffee mugs, great for coach awards and company lunch rooms.

White, gold, silver, bronze, mirror gold, mirror silver aluminium sheeting.

This can be cut into many sizes to form plaques and awards of all kinds. When mounted on to wood backings the participants feel they are being rewarded in a special way for their outstanding efforts.

1 & 2 inch discs with clear acrylic dome to suit trophies, medallions, key rings and badges.

Badges (name tags) with clear acrylic dome covering, all individual, showing name, company logo in full colour.

The list goes on and on with applications and great ideas.

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